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Ranging from emergency roof repairs to roof maintenance, our team of experienced roofers and project managers are highly qualified to undertake all of your roofing needs and work hand in hand with you.

+ Plan first

Before beginning any work, our technologists (project managers) thoroughly plan every step of the project in consultation with our installers. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

+ Execute second

Our experienced master roofers work quickly and efficiently while adhering to the strictest workplace health and safety regulations every step of the way. They are sticklers for maintaining a neat job site throughout the entire project.

+ Respect deadlines… and mother nature

In our line of work, we are at the mercy of the weather every day. Our teams keep an eye on the forecast and make decisions accordingly.

We don’t take risks when it comes to our teams or your project. Because we strive to meet our promised deadlines and guarantee the highest quality of work, we must always be prepared for what Mother Nature throws our way and react accordingly!

+ Well-equipped to succeed!

Our impressive fleet of motor vehicles, as well as our specialized and modern equipment, allow us to undertake concurrent roofing projects. Whether it’s mobile cranes, heavy duty trucks, road vehicles, trailers or asphalt shuttle buggies, our fleet of Morin Insulation and Roofing vehicles are often seen on the roads around town.

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