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Discover the clarity of our interventions with comprehensive site reports, illustrated with before and after photos, guaranteeing transparency and quality.

Our approach

Ranging from emergency roof repairs to roof maintenance, our team of experienced roofers and project managers are highly qualified to undertake all of your commercial roofing needs in Ottawa and work hand in hand with you.

+ Preventive Maintenance & Recommendations

Severe weather in our region is a common factor that can accelerate the deterioration of your roof which can be costly. Especially if your roof is leaking and is causing damage to: structural elements of your building, the interior finishes and let’s not forget the furniture and equipment that can be stored inside your spaces.

In order to preserve the lifespan of your roof our team of highly qualified project managers can supply you with a personalized roof condition report which will illustrate the issues on your roof and provide you with recommendations to resolve them. Following these steps an estimate can be provided to you in order to perform the recommended maintenance or repairs.

+ Emergency Roof Repairs

Our teams are always ready to tackle all of your emergency needs with effectiveness and the highest quality of work. We strive to offer you a service that will be quick and efficient. Following the repairs you will receive a service report that will show you exactly what service you are paying for.

+ Equipment Installation And Removal On Roofs

We do it all when it comes to small-scale or major projects that are roof related equipment installation or equipment removal.
These projects include but not limited to: new equipment installation such as HVAC unit base waterproofing, gas line supports, structural supports for telecommunication equipment and much more.

/ one of our team members at work

/ One of our team members at work

+ Services Offered

  • / Roof repairs
  • / Roof de-icing and snow removal
  • / Preventive roof maintenance
  • / Related carpentry work
  • / Related tinsmithing and metal sheet work
  • / And much more!

+ Advantages

  • / Fast and efficient services
  • /️ Competitive prices
  • /️ Over 35 years of experience in the roofing business
  • /️ 24/7 emergency service
  • /️ Insurance
  • /️ Exemplary Health and Safety Program